The Gorge's Premier Learning Experience

Our Curriculums

For language arts, Smart-E-Pants, uses the Explode the Code phonic series, a complete systematic phonics program that combines phonetic elements and patterns focusing on visual identification of consonants, their written lowercase forms, and their sound-symbol relationship. Explode the code workbooks also allow the child to work at their own pace, with teacher guidance.

For mathematics, we use the Saxon Pre-K curriculum. The Saxon Pre-K math was designed to provide young children with an introduction to the most basic of mathematical concepts and to make them aware of how these concepts are at work in their everyday lives. The Saxon math program employs the same incremental development and continuous review found in other Saxon programs but in a less structured manner, allowing kids to move more quickly or slowly through the content as directed by the range of abilities in our classroom.

Both are programs special designed for preschool age children.

Spanish is our third daily curriculum. Throughout the year we focus our Spanish program on colors, numbers, days if the week, and incorporate the Spanish language into the daily schedule.