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Our Discipline Policy

Smart-E-Pants, LLC, incorporates two main discipline practices. The first is a principle outlined by Jim Fay and David Funk’s "Teaching with Love and Logic". The second is a conflict resolution method that was developed by Early Intervention specialists.

With the "Love and Logic" approach children are taught guidelines and boundaries that encourage appropriate behavior. They are given reasonable choices and allowed to decide which choice works best for them. For example: a child is having a difficult time keeping his hands off of the person next to him. His choices may be to either hold his hands in his lap, or to put them in his pockets. If he continues to have trouble, his choices may be to either sit in a chair, or next to a teacher. If he continues still to have trouble, he would be asked to leave the group, find his mat (or other designated area), and return only when he is ready to act appropriately. He is not given a “Time-Out” or asked to leave for a specific amount of time. Again, it is left up to the child to determine when he is ready to act appropriately and return to the group. This may take one minute or ten.

Some behavior may result in the loss of privileges: recess time, video time, computer time. Behaviors that warrant these losses are; blatant defiance and disobedience, intentional verbal or physical harm to others, disrespect of property or of others. In severe cases, parents would be contacted immediately.

The Conflict Resolution method is used to help teach children appropriate problem solving skills. The following are the steps taken when using this method:

  1. 1. Approach calmly
  2. 2. Acknowledge feelings
  3. 3. Gather information
  4. 4. Restate the problem
  5. 5. Ask for ideas, for solutions, and choose one together
  6. 6. Be prepared to give follow up support

Many times we as parents and childcare providers fall into the “Say Your Sorry” trap. We force children to say these words when they don’t really mean them, or don’t understand the meaning behind them. By using the Conflict Resolution Method, the children are allowed to come up with solutions for their problem and the teacher is there merely as a mediator. One child may need an apology in order to move on, while another child might be satisfied with a high five or hug. The idea behind this method is that it allows the children to use their thinking skills to solve their problem and not always depend on an adult to do it for them.

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